Day 4 Post Op - Denver, CO

Pro: Surgery easy (used complete...

Surgery easy (used complete anesthesia)
Proven to remove fat

Post op pain
Compression garments
Messy drainage

I had flanks, hips, inner & outer thighs treated.
I have 2 small children and opted to stay overnight in the hospital for recovery. The drainage the 1st night is huge. If you go home plan on protecting your bed with a plastic sheet and purchase at least 25 absorbent/disposable bed pads (puppy training pads?)
If you have kids send them to. Friends house for the night. The discharge as a red color and you will freak out your kids. 1st night no pain you may feel fine with exception of massive fluid discharge. 2nd day same as 1st less fluid and lil bit more pain. 3rd day pain. 4th day you will be sick of laying around and how the pain meds make you feel. By far the worst part for me is the compression garment. I am uncomfortable, and feeling a bit claustrophobic with the garment. Honestly the recovery sucks! I am counting I hope I make the 4 weeks in this garment.

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Day 7. Had Post op Dr appt. everything healing...

Day 7.

Had Post op Dr appt. everything healing. Dr did indicate that I bruised more than the typical patient. Recommended I take iron supplements. Still swollen, thighs a solid black,blue,purple bruise. Can not wait for 2 more weeks to ditch the compression gear.
Ughhh. Sick of feeling sick. Will be glad when this is over. Probably wouldn't have procedure again the recovery is pretty serious. I have had a c section and the lipo recovery had been harder than c section.


I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time ;( I guess I was fortunate. I haven't seen any drainage. We did use the tumescent lipo also. I am day 3 now and feeling about 80% back to normal. I do see lots of swelling and bruising though. My garment hasn't really bothered me at all. I like to take it off and put my arnica on and sneak peeks at myself. Please keep me updated. We both live near Denver. It would be nice to know someone else going through all this :)
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