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Scheduled for Rhinoplasty Yes/No - Denver, CO

Im deciding to get Rhinoplasty for cosmetic...

Im deciding to get Rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons (hump) and also breathing problems. I have a diviated septum on both sides of my nose making it hard to breath.

Its an improvement but perhaps slightly too straight
Perfect profile, looks good!!!
Honestly, your nose fits your face pretty perfectly. Since you have larger features a hump reduction would make your nose seem too sloped for your face. Besides, a computer image morph is a lottt easier than an incredibly complex "subtle" rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeons are really more business men than anything because they will operate on you regardless of how much you actually need surgery. If I were you I'd leave my nose exactly how god made it and if you can't even see the deviation in pictures it's probably super minor. Surgery on your face is a huge deal and you shouldn't just jump into it expecting it to turn out all good. What if you don't like your new nose and wish you could go back to the original? the surgeon would have your money in his pocket and tell you it's just swelling or that a lot of people have trouble adjusting to their new look. You should ask family members and friends you trust for an honest opinion of your nose. Most people get rhinoplasty for a huge hump or to correct a totally weird looking nose. Yours already looks natural and you dont even have a hump
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