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I have been using Latisse for almost 2 months and...

I have been using Latisse for almost 2 months and my eyelashes still the same. No changes at all. I feel like I just gave my money away. My family was waiting to see results in order for them to buy it and now they keep on telling me what a waste of money!!! sucks..


According to the website, it takes about 8 weeks to begin to notice the difference. After about 12 weeks, there should be a marked improvement; after 16 weeks, you will see maximum results. I've been using the product for 8 weeks and I've taken weekly photos to document the progress. It took 7 weeks to see a difference by comparing photographs. When you examine your lashes daily in a mirror you can't see the gradual improvement. By taking photos, you really can see the difference. Hang in there and give it a few more weeks, at least.
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Hi there...I've been using Latisse since December3, 2009. It's now February 4, 2010, so that gives you the timeframe of my usage. Here is what has occurred. About two , spiky eyelashes have grown on my left eye. One grows downward and I ended up having to pluck it since it grew right into my eyeball and the other looks like a awkwardly placed, single eyelash growing out of the middle of my eye. On the other eye, nothing! My eyelashes are not darker, thicker or longer at all. I have taken photos of my progress along the way and have seen absolutely NO change in the status. SAVE your money!!!!! I am addicted to the individual, temporary fake eyelashes. With what I spent on Latisse, I could have lifetime supply of those instead. An absolute disappointment and waste of money!
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I used RevitaLash for several month without any effect then stopped for a couple of month. Then I tried LiLash and after 8 weeks my lashes really started to grow. I was recently at my derm who told me I should be a model for Latisse. I had to inform him that I use LiLash. All these products are based on the same ingredients and techology but seem to work differently on different people. So switching to another product might do the trick. RevitaLash and LiLash have been around for a while and they don't require a prescription (available on Amazon and Ebay). I'm surprised that Latisse is now all the rage. Guess it's all about marketing...
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