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I had micro..for the first time at a beauty salon...

I had micro..for the first time at a beauty salon just over a week ago, i also bought some vital therapy cream to use afterwards.My face 3 days later looks like the bad skin has been pushed up under my eyes.I had red puffy eyes and a red rash so i stopped using the creams which are supposed to be the most natural creams to use on your face. The rash is going away but my eyes look like i have aged about 10 yrs. Can anyone help with this?
I have called the beauty salon but was told to call back after the weekend.


Hi Denver,

Thanks for the review. Since it's now been a bit over 10 days how are things going today? Are you still red and eyes still puffy? I'm sorry that happened in the first place. Please keep us updated.



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Thanks for your reply.
No the redness and swelling have gone it seems i was allergic to the face creams,i know you are not supposed to put the face cream on your eyes but it is supposed to be all natural so i did'nt think it would matter.Just glad that i don't have a problem with the micro...
I have one more question do you know anything about laser therapy and if it is any good? I have pretty distinct lines on my forehead and do not want to do botox.
Thanks again for your help!!!!!

Hi Denver,

Well at least it was just he cream and not something worse, glad you are doing well. I checked on the site for info on Laser Therapy, you should check out the answers to the question in our doctor Q&A, What is IPL Laser Therapy, hopefully it will answer some questions. Please keep us updated.



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I do not have allergies but now it seems i do,as well as more lines under my eyes.

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