Diode Lightsheer Made the Hair Thinner and Lighter but It Still Grows Back - Denver, CO

I'm a 26-year-old male and have had 5 sessions of...

I'm a 26-year-old male and have had 5 sessions of the lightsheer diode laser hair removal on my shoulders, neck and back. The hair completely grew back but lighter. Is that normal? I did everything they told me (shave regularly and do not get a tan). Now I have to wait 7 months between the sessions but by the second month all of the hair is back. I know other people who went to the same clinic and had good, permanent results. I still have 3 sessions left but I have serious doubts it'll work. Is there anyone who has had the same experience?
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Hello, that is normal, but I dont understand why you have to wait 7 months? You should have up to 3 more treatments every 6 weeks. Shave just before a laser session, not too often. I ve got Laser LightSheer in my beauty salon and I always see results but after 6 sessions. Is normal have some hair back after 3 or 4 sessions an then you need to go for treatment as soon as possible because hair are in anagen stage. hope this help you.
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Thanks for sharing your review with us! Just wanted to let you know that you can ask a Doctor on the site for further assistance. 

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