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I had gotten eyelash extensions in the past and it...

I had gotten eyelash extensions in the past and it is 1) expensive 2) very uncomfortable 3) takes forever. I decided to try Latisse to grow out my lashes and thicken them without spending a ton of money.

Latisse worked better than I expected. The first month I used it pretty religiously, and now I just use it a few times a month to maintain my lashes. I spent 100.00 (to my recollection) because the doctor's office was running a promotion. With tax I think it was around 110.00 or so.

adding to your review - extensions are not only expensive and takes forever - they are going to cost you your eyelashes. I lost all my eyelashes after a year of extensions... sad story
That is a bargin. I had extensions for about 6 months or more in Texas. The initial cost was $250 and I had fills every two weeks for $50. I loved them but the maintenance and cost was too much. I have been thinking about Latisse but I'm concerned about the permanent darkening of the Iris. I have hazel green eyes and I really dont want any more brown. I did try smart lash and it really does work. I noticed once I stopped using it twice a day I lost lash fullness.

Thanks for posting your story! I've been jealous of your eyelashes since I saw them in your Prevelle video review. :) Good to know it is still working out well for you.

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I called the doctor looking for Latisse to enhance the length of my lashes. The staff was really helpful with answering my questions, sending me the consent form, and shipping me the product.

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