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Itchy, Red Eyes - Denver, CO

I'm on my 3rd bottle of Latisse (over a couple...

I'm on my 3rd bottle of Latisse (over a couple of years) and I find the side effects grow progressively worse. My eyes are so itchy this time around I feel like clawing my eyes out. And they are sooo red. If anyone has a solution (other than the fine tip applicator which I have always used) please post!


I'm sorry to hear you are having so much irritating itchiness! Please do not scratch your eyes out. ;)

Here is a Q&A with some info that might be helpful. I especially like Dr. Kapoor's idea of using a tissue to "blot" the excess product.

What Can I Do About Latisse Causing Eye Irritation?

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Switched to Revitalash and I see improvement in...

Switched to Revitalash and I see improvement in the length and thickness after 3 weeks. My lashes are not as long as they were when I was using Latisse, but trading length for clear, non-itchy, non-irritated eyeballs is totally worth it!


How great that you found a product that works better for you! Thanks for letting us know, and please keep us updated on how it continues to work for you.

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Side effects are too severe and aestheically unappealing.

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