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I Strongly Urge You Not to Do This - Denver, CO

I had crepiness around my eyes and lips; overall...

I had crepiness around my eyes and lips; overall my skin had few wrinkles. I used to have people tell me I looked five years younger than my real age and felt that I had aged rapidly in the last few years. I spen $375 for an IPL photofacial. Afterwards, my eyes were dry, my skin was dry and I had bumps on my skin which I originally attributed to an allergic reaction to the cooling gel used fo administration. However, almost two weeks later, the texture of my skin has changed for the worse. I have the "orange peel" like texture on my cheeks that was not there before treatment. I regret doing this treatment. The aesthetician did not go over the possible side effects or consequences of this treatment. I wish I'd have known beforehand the risks to not just skin texture but my eyes also. After treatment they were sensitive to bright light and two weeks later they are still dryer than usual. It's like paying money to have your eyes and skin damaged.


So sorry to hear you feel you are worse off after the treatment. Have you made an appointment to see your eye doctor just to have things checked out?

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Not yet. I actually am waiting because of reports that damage can continue after. I'm going to wait a month or so and see what my eye doctor says. As for my skin, I'm trying facial rejuvenation acupuncture. It seems to have helped soften the skin so it's more pliable. I'll need several treatments and will follow up monthly. I did facial rejuvenation over a year ago and stopped for financial reasons. However, now, I'm all about natural. Also, I do Reiki and have been self-treating my face and eyes. For those with an open mind and willing to try energy healing, I recommend it. Neither acupuncture or Reiki is a quick fix but I have definitely noticed progress. My pore size seems diminished and I'm getting a "glow" back. I'm going to continue with 3 more weekly acupuncture sessions and will post my results.

I'm so glad to hear you are seeing some positive results from the Reiki and acupuncture. I would encourage you not to wait to see your eye doctor however, as sometimes treatments are most effective when done at an earlier stage. At least if you visited him/her you would know and wouldn't risk missing the optimal time to treat it.

Hoping you continue to see positive changes!!

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