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My facelift was before using RealSelf. I had a...

My facelift was before using RealSelf. I had a neck and face lift, lower and upper lids and fat transfer for marionette lines. The procedure and experience was good and it gave me a great result for many problems. However, one of my major complaints was the downturn of mouth, which resulted in the add-on of fat transfer. The doc was right, this helped a lot with my haggered appearance, but did not help the downturned mouth a bit. I went to a lift center and either the intake specialist did not know or did not hear me, when I told her my mouth was #1 on my list. There were NO lips procedures or fillers mentioned in any brochures, so maybe that center does not do these. My cheeks are naturally heavy, my grandmothers rested on her collar bone and sagged down her neck. If I need lipo to hollow my cheeks, filler to enhance the bone structure, or fillers or implants for my lips this is all fine, but I would to know what I can do - now. It would have been great to have pain and suffering only once - but the surgeon did not cause this problem, I just need more work. How much do the fillers cost - what is the down time - what about surgery - where are the before and after photos?

I have the same issue with the corners of my mouth drooping and turning down. I don't want a lip lift because there can be visible scars and I have this vision of the Joker in Batman.
There is a procedure called "corner of mouth lift". It elevates the corners of a downturned or droopy mouth. It is a surgical procedure using very small incisions and done under local anesthesia.

It sounds like you're referring to "marionette lines" (the lines that extend downward from the corners of your mouth). Fillers, like you mentioned, are a non-surgical option. A lower facelift is another idea. Here are some photos of that procedure. Hope this helps. :)

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Currently, I am asking RealSelf for a solution to a problem that Botox and faclift has not helped. Comments back that say a lift is may not help, it something that I now know, so these have not helped. Others that suggest fillers or even surgery are more helpful, but I specifically asked for photos and no one has offered or directed me to any, thus far, but responses have been prompt and greatly appreciated.

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