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So this is not a review but I am asking for help...

So this is not a review but I am asking for help on finding a doctor in the DFW area for breath implants. I have been browsing the Internet for quite some time and I have yet to schedule any consultations. I'm not sure if I want silicone or saline, although I am thinking saline because it's more safe. I was only approved for $3500 care credit financing and I am desperately trying to avoid paying over $5000. I am working a second job to save the money. Lol can someone give me any recommendations? I am 28 with two kids currently size 32aa 100 lbs


Did you try the Houston area? I mean I know you wanted DFW but Houston for some reason is cheaper. I referred a lady from Dallas to my surgeon in Houston because she was facing that same dilemma. His name is Evan Feldman just in case (hope this helps)
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*************Dr Dulin is doing my breast augmentation. I absolutely feel in love with his office staff and how understanding and sweet he is. He went over every detail in my consultation. Let me know what you think, he also has a great website.

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Thanks :) how much is the cost and are you getting silicone or saline?
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