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headaches - Delray Beach, FL

Been a Botox user for 3 years, no problems. Tried...

Been a Botox user for 3 years, no problems. Tried Dysport about 6 weeks ago. Got a bad headache 3 days later...had to go to bed. Now, I had headaches everyday for 2 weeks, Advil etc only give temporary relief. Already saw the dentist, and an EMT. Had an MRI and now making an appointment with a neurologist...never will use Dysport again. Never was told about the possible side affects either. Not worth the savings instead of using Botox. {edited}

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Thanks for the review. I'm sorry you are dealing with the headaches, so painful. You might want to check out the Botox headache forum, and see what those ladies are doing to feel better. I know it's not the same, but you are describing similar symptoms. Please keep us updated and let us know how everything goes.



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