Man or Mam Boobs Since Age of 15 - India, IN

I was not at all confident about myself with those...

I was not at all confident about myself with those boobs pointed outside hanging like sweet honey cups....ohh god i wanted to cut them n throw them away... After almost 16 years of depressed situation i thought something about it...i searched the net got no of a surgeon in delhi n just mailed him very casually without expecting a reply.....

But the reply came very next day..i was confused n happy with that email.i decided to go out for this Surgery sooner as possible...i chated wid tht doc on watsap messenger n asked for the reservation fr surgery...iwent there next day all alone.. He gave me anesthesia n i was all relaxed... I opend my eyes n saw all the bandages around chest.results i show u


who is the doc? pls share
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Thanks in advance :)
wow that doctor did a good job, you're saying you went to India?! what method did he used, do you have any scars? is hard to think that he was able to remove all the fatty deposits and breast tissue without any scars.
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