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I had threads several years ago. Was hoping for...

I had threads several years ago. Was hoping for longer results, given the pain (and I mean PAIN), and cost. I did get 6 good months out of it, looked great, no issues, no regrets. BUT...I'm confused...I've been told by my Dr, and later read, that the threads had been taken off the market apprx 2 years ago. Perhaps another company is now making them? Anyway, if I had the money and could endure the pain, I would actually consider doing this again. A smarter was to go, however, is to save up for a real facelift...the cost will trump the short lived results in the long run.

You mean the results were visible only for 6 months? Would you do it again? I am thinking about doing it and implanting 10 threads but I am trying to find what will happen after promised 8 years or so?

Hi DRIT -- Thanks for sharing your experience.

I've also heard that the thread lift is off the market, but people do still seem to get them done. Maybe a certain manufacturer is no longer making them? It's worth asking in the Doctor Q&A Forum for a definitive answer, as I'd imagine this would affect any warranty you might have had on the threads.

Lifetime facelift is the same thread lift with the different name. Check it out please
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