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My surgery is scheduled for August 21st, 2013....

My surgery is scheduled for August 21st, 2013. Very nervous but excited! Went to my first consultation in April with the intention of just getting a breast lift. After some thought, I've decided to also go with a smaller sized implant to give me those perky boobies that I never had. I'm 28 years old with two kids, and just had a tubal ligation this year. I've lost apx 35lbs since my son was born last year and I wanted to treat myself for the hard work of losing the weight.


Congratulations on the weight loss...and for scheduling your surgery date! Many women go through the same process you have thinking they just want a lift. A small implant along with a lift is very common. Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Looking forward to your updates!

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Before Pictures

Hello! Just wanted to add some before pictures. I had my second son a year ago and have lost over 30lbs since then. I'm currently the thinnest (and healthiest) I have been in about 10 years. All of my life my weight has fluctuated and wreaked havoc on my boobs. I've been as big as a 36DD and am currently a deflated 34B. Surgery is scheduled for August 21st.... I can't wait!


Hi There. Just wanted to know how the surgery went. Please keep us posted.
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Good luck! I went with a lift and smaller implant as well! It's so nice to walk by a mirror now when I get out of the shower!
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Plans Changed, One Year Later I Have A New Surgery Date

New surgery date is October 10, 2014. I have lost 10 more pounds since last summer


hi I had an uplift and implants 22nd july this year best thing I have ever done I lost 5 stone and my boobs really suffered for it,swinging socks spring to mind ,now im pert and much bigger I got 450 implants,recovery has been harder than I thought more with discomfort and armpit pain. my scars are amazing all internal stitches and so neat I don't think you will see them much at all when healed,im so impatient tho and cant wait to be able to wear a nice bra and ditch the support garment and strap,good luck with your op,you wont regret it xx
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