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I'm a fifty year old mother of 2 daughters getting...

I'm a fifty year old mother of 2 daughters getting myself psyched up my upcoming breast augmentation! I have thought about doing this for myself for more than 10 its time!
Im athletic built and smaller frame.. 5'6 120 lbs. Right now I'm obsessed with the size that I want to go. My fear is that they will be too big.!!
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post some pictures
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good luck
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Sounds like you may be traveling for your procedure? Have you met your PS yet or are you doing this online? To ease your mind about the size, you may want to try making rice sizers. Here is quick video on how to make them. Also, be sure to have several photos of your goal breasts...wish share with your PS. The photos will help make certain you are both on the same page in regards to your final results. Keep us posted!

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That is probably the thing I worry about most - size. I guess we have to trust the surgeon and recognize that we will feel big because our body is going to look and feel so different. Best wishes to you!! I will let you know how I do after my surgery on Thursday!
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Good for you! That is a long time to wait, very exciting!
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