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At 34 I could begin seeing some fine lines around...

At 34 I could begin seeing some fine lines around my forehead & eye area. Dark circles under my eyes, I had a few scars from having the chickenpox 10 years ago & my skin just seemed to be getting problematic ie: larger pores.

I tried the fraxel laser after a consultation. At the time of my first treatment I found it painful, afterward my face & eye area was red & puffy for a 3 days - then the bronzing.

Its now been a month since my first treatment & my skin is much better. I get quite a few compliments on how my skin looks great - people can't actually pin point what it is. My dark circles are less noticible, complextion is clearer, pores have been mimilized. Scars also less noticable & wrinkles are almost gone.

I am due for my 2nd treatment soon & can't wait as the benefits outweigh the pain.

Hi, I did fraxel 3 days ago, my face was red and swollen. Now its bronzed, and I don't know what to expect ... cant tell now. Hope it will look great !!
Hi, I'm interested as to why you did not recommend your doctor. Did she perform your laser treatment?
Hi - this was a helpful review. Did it 1help you wrinkles on the lower lid area? Thanks
Dr. Mei Tan

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