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Day After So Far Not Too Bad - Miami, FL

June 11,2008 I had Deep FX & Active FX done....

June 11,2008
I had Deep FX & Active FX done. The treatment itself went very well My Doctor made me feel very comfortable and her Nurse Sherry were Both great. I am very swolen today but not in terrable pain i was given a wash and burn cream to use and i have done so this morning it was painful washing and drying but once i got the cream back on i was ok again.

I will down load my picture taken this morning first day of healing

I am 58 and was very wrinkled so i am hopeing for the best.

how are you doing now and how do you feel about your results. i am 56 years old and have wrinkles around my mouth i would like to get rid of. any more pictures or sharing you could do on your procedure would be appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry did not see your question I like the results everywhere except around my mouth still have lines Just had a facelift but that still did not get I'd of the vertical lines I am going to have filler injected when I have healed
Dr. Judith Crowell

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