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Still in the Healing Phase - Sarasota, FL

I had the Deep FX done 5 days ago for Acne...

I had the Deep FX done 5 days ago for Acne scarring and wrinkles and it's too soon to see the results. I had the Active FX done in November and it did nothing at all to improve my skin. Five days of downtime and and it was a painful procedure for my skin to look exactly the same. We'll see how it goes with the Deep FX.

I am thinking about deep FX for the wrinkles above my lips. Do you see any improvement in this area?
I had deep FX two weeks agos and it still very red and I'm very nervous this Doctor told me a couple of days.I believe he does not know what he's talking about. I really wish I could sue. It looks like it improve very little and it seem it's going to be red for a while, It better not be permenant. I have two one inch by three inch mark down each side of my cheeks. Avoid the PS Doctor on cottage grove road in Bloomfield CT.
I hope that you are better by now! I had active and deep fx done 3 weeks ago. My face is still very red under my eyes and around my mouth. I would not ever do this again. It was very painful and it seems like it is taking forever to heal. I am so afraid that it will stay this way!
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