Daddy's Girl

My name is April. I’m 30 years old. I recently...

My name is April. I’m 30 years old. I recently got a tattoo that I have soooooo many mixed feeling about. This is my story……

On March 1st, my best friend and I went to go get tattoos. She got a humming bird for her grandmother who just passed, and I got mine, a tribute to my father.

My tattoo is on my chest/shoulder area. It says “Daddy’s girl.” The tattoo is all black with very small about of red, yellow, and white. Its about 4 inches long. It also has a devils tail, and a little halo. Honestly, I love the tattoo, It has meaning, It’s of good quality, It’s what I wanted. However, It’s just too BIG and not it the right spot. When the stencil was on it looked so much smaller than what it turned out to be. Its very dark, and very shocking.

I can’t really blame the artist… TOO MUCH. I think I should have been more detailed with him. Im just more upset with myself than anything. What freaks me out the most is that when I wear a normal shirt the tattoo shows. (thus why I wanted it more on my shoulder) First of all I work in a hospital, and second I want the option of showing people my tattoo. Not having random people see a portion of it and ask what it is or to see it.

I’m teetering between, having the full tattoo removed or just a portion. The tattoo artist put shading in the tattoo that I defiantly did NOT want, and did NOT ask for. So this WILL be removed. I’m also contemplating on having the swirl in the D, the devils tail, and the halo removed. I want to make the tattoo as small as possible without removing the words. (because I really am a daddys girl lol)

I have done so much “internet” researching and I’m not sure what to believe and what not to believe. WHERE TO GO!? I live in Wisconsin and there are very limited places that do tattoo removal. I found a guy who travels to 8 different locations… , however I do not think he is a doctor. I don’t want to risk having a nice tattoo turning it’s a scar or something of the sort. I do live an hour away from mayo Rochester and will be contacting them today for info. >> (PS. I have contacted them… what a Joke. Its done in there dermatology dept. They require a referral. Consult is NOT free. They require payment in full. I think ill pass Mayo)

I’m going to document my journey. I want to help others in my situation. It’s a very stressful ordeal. And unless this has happened to you… you have no idea how it feels. I was SOOO upset the moment the tattoo was done. I started looking into laser tattoo removal the moment I got home. I was physically sick for 3 days! Like PUKING sick. I had a headache. I didn’t want to leave my house. I have been very depressed and cry a lot. Its been 22 days and I still won’t wear a shirt that shows the tattoo. I’m almost dreading summer… my favorite time of year. I feel I ruined my beautiful body! :(

Please share anything that will help me through this difficult time. Any input about the removal, healing, scars, doctors, lasers, ect… I would really appreciate it.

~ April in Wisconsin

Im going for my first session in 2 days! Im...

Im going for my first session in 2 days! Im nervous, excited, scared, hopeful, and anxious. Eeeekkkkk!

I had my first laser removal session yesterday. I...

I had my first laser removal session yesterday. I want to say .. It was EASY BREEZY!! My technician had a cooling machine, and I could hardly even feel the laser zaps. To anyone interested in getting removal. Look for technicians who have this cooling machine.

It took 5 minutes to freeze the skin, and 5 minutes to remove the tattoo. Before I knew it I was on my way home. I was able to go shopping, and continue with my day. There was a little discomfort, but nothing unbearable. After about 2 hours or so I started to form blisters in the colored areas of the tattoo. He advised me to expect this. He said that with color he needs to turn the laser up. Before bed I took a serialized needle and popped the blisters. I have been using aloe for healing and to keep the area moist.
Now I will go through the healing process. I will wait for the extreme itch that everyone talks about. :)

I’m excited for more sessions. He said it would be aprox 8 sessions total… only 7 more to go. HOPEFUL.


New Picosure laser.

Hello everyone! Its been 12 days since my last laser session. I wanted to give you all an update!

So, I went to Phoenix and had a treatment with the new picosure laser. The place I went to was VERY clean, and VERY nice. Everyone I worked with was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I only had to wait about 5 minutes, and then took me back to the “laser” room.

First they injected the tattoo with numbing solution. I was not a fan of this. The injections were very painful! In the past I used the cooling method and like that WAY better. The injections left the tattoo bruised and swollen for about 5 days. So if you have an option... go with the cooling machine!

They started to laser the tattoo. They used the new picosure on the black and a different laser on the red. I didn’t feel much of anything due to the injections. There was a faint smell of burning skin lol, but over all a good experience. They bandaged the tattoo up, and I went on my way.

About 4 hours later I took the bandage off. The tattoo looked the same as the first laser removal session. The tattoo was a little raised, but hardly any blisters. The red ink had the most blisters. I believe they have to use a higher frequency on the red ink. Then, I noticed that they didn’t do the shading. I was disappointed with this! I paid $350.00 for the removal and they did not do the full tattoo! I was going to call about this but decided against it.

I keep the tattoo covered, and out of the sun. I keep healing ointment and lotion on the tattoo at all times. I even lotion the tattoo after it is healed. I noticed at about day 5 the skin started to peel. Also, the ink was peeling off with the skin! (I was excited about this!) I can’t remember if this was the case in my first laser removal session. I’m at day 12 now. The tattoo is healing nicely. It itches some, but not unbearable. I just keep it moist and put anti-itch cream on it.

The laser didn’t seem any more or less traumatic on my skin. Seemed about the same as my first session. Do I think the picosure laser was worth?? Not really!! Maybe because it was only 1 session, but I didn’t notice a HUGE difference. They way they talk about this laser it was expecting dramatic results. I have posted a picture for you all to look at an judge yourself. Thanks for reading! Next appointment July 13th with the “normal” laser.

Session 3.

Hello again!

I had session 3! My waiting time was about 5 minutes. He used the cooling machine which I LOVE. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. BUT WOWZA this time was much different. He must have cranked up the laser! I had pin point bleeding and the tattoo blistered immediately. It hurts much more that the last two times, but I’m ok with this. Just makes me hopeful that the tattoo will soon be gone. Like normal I use bactine to clean and wash really well with dial soap. I use antibiotic ointment and cover with gauze. The picture I have included is about 24 hours after treatment. Sorry, I know it’s a little gross, but it’s the reality of tattoo removal.

After the 3rd session.

New picture is 3 weeks after my 3rd treatment .

Session 4

Session 5

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Almost done! YAY!

Aaron Gabrielse

Online - He travels to 8 different locations.

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So this took you about a year?
  • Reply
I'm at a year and 4 months.
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:/ damnnnnn
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Good for you
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Thanks. It's a super long process. The picture makes it look lighter than it really it's. I still have a few more sessions to go. Lame!!
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Wow, I am so happy for you!!! 
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Thank you :)
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Fantastic results! Congrats. I remember your profile was the first one I read when I signed up on real self. So happy to see a success story!
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Thank you!!
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You have come a long way, so happy for you! I have a request, can you tell me what you do to relieve the itch? Mine is 3 weeks post treatment ant it itches so bad i cant even sleep :( I have just bought anti itch cream, but apart from that i havent used anything to moisturize it.
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Sorry to jump in but I use rite aids calming oatmeal lotion or gold bond menthol calming lotion. Both are great. Absorb quickly. No ointmenty stickiness. Good luck!
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I just use eucerine after treatment. Doesn't itch that bad at all.
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Thx for the reply, not sure if i can get those creams though :(
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DIdnt itch bad after treatment either, but now 3 weeks later its really itching like hell :(
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Wow! Amazing results!!! Very inspiring! Not lomg till it will be gone completely!
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Thank you!
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ur fading is amazing i hope to soon experience great fading when i start my treatments although i have darker skin bcuz im african american i still have hopes to have a complete removal
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The only thing you might have to worry about is what they call a "ghost tattoo." This will eventually fade back to your normal skin tome. Good luck with everything. Its a very long annoying process!
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thank you so much could u check out my review and give me some advice on my tattoo if you dont mind
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I looked at your tattoo. The ink looks all one color. That is a good thing. Black is the easiest to remove. It also looks like the ink isn't very deep. Another good thing. I don't see there being any issues with the removal. They tell you too keep it out of Sun light as much as possible. The location of your tat. That shouldn't be a problem either. The only thing I'd the ghost tattoo but that will eventually fade back to your normal skin color.
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thanks for reviewing my review i really appreciate it my tattoo is MAINLY BLACK INK but has a lil red and green it it but its not that vibrant because when the color was healing i picked all the scabs off lol
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LOL that's ok tho. Less ink in your skin.
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yea i just think ill feel a whole lot better once i finally start the removal process although i am scared that i will hypo pigment ate even tho the laser technician told me that was a higher possibility than someone with lighter skin tone due to my skin being dark shade and some of the ink i have is colored in and the wavelength they use for colored ink is shorter than what they use for black ink but i hate my tattoo so much i dont care a lil hypo pigmentation is the least of my worries i just want the ink gone i wouldnt mind a ghost tattoo ill just say its a birth mark or something if someone were to ask what it was LOL. im so over this tattoo and im really excited to start the process i know its going to be a longggg one but i think its worth it if you really want it gone or gone enough to where you cant tell it was a tattoo anymore at least im cool with that.
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You will be much happier. My suggestion. Do it. I have smaller tattoos that I would just have cut off (sounds bad but it's not), but that's not really an option for big tattoos.
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yea i had got to a point where i wanted to try and have my tattoo cut out because its not that big
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