First Consultation for Rhinoplasty Surgery in Two Days' Time!

This is such a great site. I can’t even...

This is such a great site. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it; I think I was searching for information on a specific surgeon and he was mentioned on another forum, and that forum led me to this site. Anyhow, I’m glad I did! You’re all soooo lovely, and it’s great to hear all your stories and hints and tips, particularly as I don’t know one person who’s had rhinoplasty.

My story began at the start of March when I injured my nose quite badly after slipping on a rare night out. Unfortunately, a wall broke my fall. To be on the safe side, and as my nose was bleeding quite heavily, a little misshapen and very swollen, I had it checked at A&E. Despite the nosebleed, which kept restarting, no one looked up my nostrils. The Doctor dressed the cut across the bridge of my nose with some steri-strips. I was also told at this point that an x-ray couldn’t be done until the swelling had gone down. A week later, when the steri-strips came off, I noticed a bump across the bridge of my nose, so I went to see my GP. She said there was no point referring me for an X-ray as, even if it was broken, it wouldn’t be fixed on the NHS anyway. I kind of just wanted to know if I had broken it. Everything I’d read pointed to the fact that I probably had. :(

The first few days were quite uncomfortable as my nose was swollen and hurt quite a bit, and I had a bruise inside my top lip, so eating was a bit of struggle. I also realised how much I must move my nose when I drink, as that was even a little painful; something I’m sure most people find when they’ve had rhinoplasty. I couldn’t blow my nose properly for about 10 days as it hurt.

Now, almost two months later, my nose feels much better, though still tender to the touch. I still have the bump on the bridge, which I’m very self-conscious about. Before my recent injury, I felt that my nose was ok, and although I used to see photos of myself from the side and cringe, on the whole, I just lived with it. I have never liked being photographed from my right side as I don’t like how my nose looks, but I was reasonably happy with the left side (somehow, the left side seemed more feminine) I’ve also always thought it’s a bit fat from the front, but again, it was my nose, and there was never going to be anything dainty about it! I’ve noticed that my septum isn’t straight: it seems to lean more to the left side. However, looking back at photos from 6 years ago, when I had braces (and the photos of my teeth featured some unfortunate “up nose” shots!), it was like it then, so that may have something to do with the irregularity before the injury.

Bored yet? Family and friends would be, which is why this is such a great site as we all have a common, erm, interest??!

So, I’m now considering taking the scary step into rhinoplasty. Some may think I am being a little hasty, particularly as most people consider rhinoplasty for years before having surgery. I kind of just want to know what my options are, and I guess if the option had been there, I'd have had it fixed at the point of injury. I have my first consultation this Thursday with a plastic surgeon I’ve only heard good things about. Thank goodness for this site, as I just thought rhinoplasty was a really straightforward procedure. I’d no idea about the level of skill and experience required by the chosen surgeon. I also had no idea how expensive it is (I was thinking about £2000 tops, which is bad enough!!).

It’s so lovely to read everyone’s stories and comments of support. If I do decide to go ahead with the surgery, it would be so nice to have your support along the way xx

I've added a couple of photos. The first one...

I've added a couple of photos. The first one shows my nose (from my better side) before the injury. The second one shows my injury at what I think is its worst angle. It's the hump that bothers me!!

I've added a couple of photos. The first one...

I've added a couple of photos. The first one shows my nose (from my better side) before the injury. The second one shows my injury at what I think is its worst angle. It's the hump that bothers me!!

I just thought I would post a couple of pics to...

I just thought I would post a couple of pics to show what I'm not happy with. The first one is me before I injured my nose, taken from my better side. The second one is my nose after I injured it from one of the angles I like least!

The Waiting Game

So, I went for my consultation at the end of April. He was really nice. I felt a bit silly explaining how I'd come to injure my nose, but I decided a heroic of courage and bravery, punctuated with an unfortunate nose whack, would be too difficult to maintain! He said that on the whole, my nose is a good size and shape; yes, there is a bump and I probably have broken it, but he thinks the scar across the bump is making it appear worse (the scar tissue is raised). He thinks a scar revision may help improve its appearance but this can't be done until at least 9 months after the injury :(

I realise that in the grand scheme of things, my nose isn't too bad, but I don't like it and I do feel very self conscious of it.

In a way, I felt a bit deflated when I came away from his office, but I realise he has my best interests at heart. There's no point in him doing a rhinoplasty if I still have a scar that is accentuating the bump. It's only a few more months, which, I suppose, gives me more time to think things through and be 100% certain that I want to sort my nose out!

On the plus side, if I do eventually have my nose fixed, he said he'd be able to do a closed rhinoplasty to remove the hump and refine the tip a little (this was something I thought might be worth having done while he's doing the rest of it!).

In the meantime, I'll enjoy seeing all your beautiful new noses and hope that one day, I'll love my nose too!!
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