ZOOM Was Worth It (Four 15-minute Sessions)

I scheduled my appointment but was told i needed a...

i scheduled my appointment but was told i needed a cleaning first so due to my hygenest being very pregnant i had to wait 3 weeks til my appointment for a cleaning followed by zoom! during those three wks i read the horrible reveiws & even considered canceling due to having sensitive teeth.

the day of the appointment came & i took a few tylenol before & i was able to go through all 4/15 min sessions.the most pain was from having your mouth gagged with protective towels,& wearing that mouth brace to keep your mouth open the whole time.by round four i was definetely ready to be done but i experienced just minor irritation withen 24 hrs but i got great results so idk everyones differant i guess!

Gaitros Dental

Miranda took excelent care of me & my procedure was painfree.

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That is great that you didn't experience any significant discomfort. It sounds like the people at your dental office made sure all of your gum tissue & lips were well protected!

For others concerned about sensitivity with Zoom click here to read tips from dentists on what you can do to prep before your appointment.

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