25 Days Po -Decatur, AL

I have had no pain except in lower back from...

I have had no pain except in lower back from walking bent over.
I am now able to walk straight and incision looks great except one area above my pubic area, doctor said if was from being around smokers!!! He says that it is doing good,but the scar will be thicker in this area.. Please if you are having a tt don't let people that smoke sit so close to you, make sure your not closed in a room with it, and make sure you don't smoke( because if just being around it does this just thunk what it could do if you smoked). Even with this small area not looking well I am very happy already
All I can say is OUCH. That looks so painful. But still, you look so small. Your going to look great.
I agree your stomach looks very flat. That 25 day po pic has a very dark area there. Is that spot ok?
Upgrdme , I agree with you. That 25 day PO looks to need some attention. Sackett you may want to follow up.

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