Does a Lift Come with a Reduction? - Decatur, AL

I am intrested in a reduction, I'm 41 and have had...

I am intrested in a reduction, I'm 41 and have had huge breast my entire teenage thru adult life. My breast are size 38 dd, were 42 ddd,but I have recently lost 40+lbs. which has made them smaller, but saggy as my granny, lol, my nips are pointing south! My regular md says he is sure my insurance will pay for the reduction.I am worried they will make them too small,I want implants I will pay for those, but I want only one surgery, does anyone know if a lift is involved in the reduction? does anyone know if they can do it as one surgery?

I want to wear a swim suit without falling out of it

, does anyone know if I can do this as one surgery? I would pay for the I

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A reduction should alway come with a lift , I always wanted implants with my reduction coz I wanted them to stand up nice and perky . My ps told me I would not need the implants after she was done with me , and I couldn't be happier . I will say when I first looked at them after I thought they where to small but once the healed I love them . Do not regret a thing .
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