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No Pain, Great Recovery - Dayton, OH

I just had Smart Lipo done on 09/11/13. Today is...

I just had Smart Lipo done on 09/11/13. Today is 9/17/2013 and I have no pain at all. I only bleed for two days and didnt need to take anything stronger than a Tylenol. I have two kids, one three and one 9 months. My son was 10.1 and my daugther was 8.8 lbs so both pretty big babies. I have worked out for years about five times a week and eat very healthy. However, no matter how much I worked out there are certain areas I knew that I wouldnt get as small as I wanted. I had my lower and upper abdominal and flanks done. The worst part was the numbing part and that wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I didnt feel a thing after that. Mine was done on a Thursday and by Sat I was finished bleeding. I started getting sore on Sunday and some people said it was like an ab workout. I think it was a little worse than an ab workout but I still was able to do everything I do daily. I am only taking a week off from working out and as of today, 5 days later, I havent had any pain besides when I have to pull my very tight spandex off. I do have lots of brusing but I bruise easily anyways. I would recommend this to anyone that was looking into this. For me, it was pretty simple and hardley any pain. I am sure everyone has there own experience and everyone's body reacts different.
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Hey please update. Before and after. Is everything still going good?
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My surgery is tomorrow (SmarLipo upper and lower abs) and it's great to read such an encouraging story.
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I hope yours goes as well as mine. Keep me updated :)
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Are you seeing any results yet, or just swelling?
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I see a huge difference in my sides. They are completely flat. I see a difference in my stomach for sure but I know that I am still very swollen. I cant tell a difference in my pants size yet but I didnt really expect to see that yet. I am very bruised and swollen so I am sure that is why. My stomach is very lumpy so I try to massage it during work while I am at my desk. I understand now why they say full results in three to six months.
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I see results daily now. Last week I was very swollen but every day I see my stomach change. I showed my sisters and mom and now they all want to do it. My sides are completely flat and so is my stomach. My only problem is I have little stretch marks around my belly so I know those wont go away. But hey as long as its flat with clothes on LOL!. I am only two weeks out so I know they say three to six months for full results so I am loving the results so far!!!
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Glad to hear! Thank you for this post. My procedure is scheduled for the 28th and I'm starting to get very nervous. Your review helped to ease my mind a bit. Are you going to post before and after pictures?
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Yes I am going to have the doctor give me the pictures they took and w hen I go for my one week apt on Friday they are going to take pictures again and I will have them send them to me. Oh I was a nervous wreck as well. I have zero pain tolerance. As I am sitting in the waiting room I see a lady come out dressed in normal clothes and looks so happy. I asked her if she had something done and she said yes smart lipo on my stomach. I was shocked. I said you would never g uess you look great. She said she felt great and was even driving herself home. However, she didnt take a valium before like I did. She did asked me how many vicodine (spelling?) and I told her one and she goes I would take two beause of the numbing. She was clueless about the numbing part and I prepared myself for the worse for that part. I do agree that was the worst part. I read that it was a burning feeling like a bunch of hornet stinging you. However, I didnt think it was really that bad of a burn. It was more of like a hard pressure pain but that only lasted about 10 to 15 minutes and then after that it was fine. I couldnt sleep for a week but trust me I am so glad I did it and I would do it again. My husband I am sure wouldnt like that idea lol but he doesnt understand how us women our about our bodies, especially after children LOL. I mean there is only so much working out one can do after babies. Keep me posted on how it goes!!
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That is awesome to hear!! You re correct everyone's experience is different. So glad yours went well! Please keep us updated!
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