Bad VI Facial Peel - Dayton, OH

I had a VI 7-day peel applied by a licensed...

I had a VI 7-day peel applied by a licensed provider and after 4 hours it really began to burn my skin, after following the directions after 7 days my skin has dark chemical burns (under my eye's & chin).

I had beautiful flawless skin but now it's dry & feel's like sand paper. I look like a combination of a domestic violent & burn victim!

I "pray" care & time will restore my skin...until then I am left with this fate!

Hi bfoxy,

Actually a number of community members have mentioned the same thing, and from what I gathered it actually takes longer than a week to heal. Of course everyone is different, and you might want to go check with your doctor, but from what others said it sounds like it just takes time. And I know waiting sucks. Please keep us updated to how the healing goes.

Thanks so much for the review,



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