45 Years Old Belotero - Dayton, OH

Undereye hollows - not major - I just wanted to...

Undereye hollows - not major - I just wanted to rejuvenate my eyes.
Not a good experience. Major swelling from Belotero injections (one syringe was used for both eyes). I had to have additional injections to reverse the Belotero. I still have a black eye post procedure. I pray that I don't have any permanent damage - still too soon to tell......


Thanks for posting a review.  I hope you see some positive results soon, please keep us posted on what happens.  Have you ever tried arnica gel to help break down the bruises?
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I used arnica gel. It helped slightly. The bruising has subsided significantly, but it appears I have "ridges" now. I am unsure if/when the "ridges" will resolve. I was reading the post "5 days post Belotero - Is this normal?" After reading the responses to the post, I am thinking the doc may have injected the Belotero superficially? If I don't see resolution with the next 2 weeks, I plan to seek a second opinion from a doctor in Dublin OH.
Hopefully the ridges go away so you don't have to worry about it anymore.  Definitely keep us updated on what is going on and what you decide to do.
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