45 Years Old Belotero - Dayton, OH

Undereye hollows - not major - I just wanted to...

Undereye hollows - not major - I just wanted to rejuvenate my eyes.
Not a good experience. Major swelling from Belotero injections (one syringe was used for both eyes). I had to have additional injections to reverse the Belotero. I still have a black eye post procedure. I pray that I don't have any permanent damage - still too soon to tell......
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Thanks for posting a review.  I hope you see some positive results soon, please keep us posted on what happens.  Have you ever tried arnica gel to help break down the bruises?
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I used arnica gel. It helped slightly. The bruising has subsided significantly, but it appears I have "ridges" now. I am unsure if/when the "ridges" will resolve. I was reading the post "5 days post Belotero - Is this normal?" After reading the responses to the post, I am thinking the doc may have injected the Belotero superficially? If I don't see resolution with the next 2 weeks, I plan to seek a second opinion from a doctor in Dublin OH.
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Hopefully the ridges go away so you don't have to worry about it anymore.  Definitely keep us updated on what is going on and what you decide to do.
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