20 Years Young and Looking Forward to my New Booty - Miami, FL

I am 20 years old currently weigh 208 and I'm 5'6"...

I am 20 years old currently weigh 208 and I'm 5'6" tall. I don't have kids. In addition to my bbl I'm having a breast lift with implants. I've considered the surgery since I was a young girl and after my cousins and aunts had work done. My goal is to have a body I love before anyone else does. I believe I am beautiful but my body and breast take confidence away from me. I'm very anxious and started my countdown already. I plan to drop some pounds before the actual surgery. I decided to share my story because I haven't many girls around my age with my weight. After this life changing experience I plan to maintain my new body and health. I will come back later to post current pics and tell you a little more about me and my story.

So I'm gonna add some pictures so you can see this...

So I'm gonna add some pictures so you can see this HUGE problem with your own eyes. Feel free to ask me or advise me. Please be nice.

Holaa chichas! Happy Friday to all! My first week...

Holaa chichas! Happy Friday to all! My first week of a new life has been great. I feel good and I'm excited to get my last workout in tonight to then rest the weekend. I also have to tell you all that I have changed my surgery date. YAYYYYY!!! It's now one week sooner lol. Yep MAY8th! :)

Hey girls!!! I arrived in Miami at 10 am today. My...

Hey girls!!! I arrived in Miami at 10 am today. My surgery is in 3 days. Today was my pre-op for blood work, EKG, and tons of papers to sign and instructions to go over. I'm very calm which I can't believe. I thought I would be super nervous by now but I'm fine. Yesterday was my AA graduation and although I haven't lost very much weight I felt and looked great thanks to my personal trainer and better eating. My payment is complete, I will get my exam results on Monday, and surgery on Wednesday! I do plan to keep you all posted. Now going for some much needed sleep. Sweet dream!!
Dr. Spera

Dr. Spera is well known in Miami. He has been invited to several talk shows in Univision and Telemundo. My aunt and her sister had their procedures (breast lift) done there and look magnificent. I haven't met him in person yet but will very soon. All our appointment have been online, telephone, and via e-mail. His assistant Marisa is great and has giving me great service and assistance with all my questions and concerns.

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Updates! :)
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Good luck u will look great
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You're in the home stretch! I can't wait to were your great results. Successful surgery vibes coming your way.
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I'm excited for you! I feel like our body shapes and stories are similar! Can't wait to follow your results. My sx is June 12 with Dr. Campos!
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Hey girl! I think it is awesome you opted for a BBL, a lift, and implants. Your body is going to look amazing! I'm also up for a BBL and lipo in Miami with Salama and am losing weight for it as well. I am not of afraid of weights and my advice would be to maybe up your weight training to 3 or ideally 4x a week cause it makes a world of a difference and will get you the body you want. I look forward to reading more about your journey and hope you keep us posted! :)
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how much is this gonna cost. don't forget to post postop pics!
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Well everything included from the nights I will stay there, to the girltles I will use, the nurses, anesthesia, the pain killers, and the 3 procedures (lipo, bbl, and breast lift) it will be a total of $10,500.
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What are your plans for weight loss ? Have you started yet ?
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YESS!! I already started and already feel and see changes. I'm doing cardio in the morning 3 times a week. I do Zumba (also cardio) 3 times a week in the evening. I have PT (personal trainning) every tuesday that focuses on weights. And on Friday evenings I do another short weights session. Take Saturdays and Sundays off. In addition to that I'm on a high protein diet and drink about 96 oz of water a day. I feel good!!
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