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( I apologise, English is not my first official...

( I apologise, English is not my first official language and i struggle when there is no spell check :) )

my experience,.. could be describe as follow " It was the fastest way to loose 2000.00 dollars! no doubdt". When i started the program i followed the recommendations ie. no caffein, 2 litres of water per day, had to purchase some leggings to wear on an everyday basis, got the woodden roll massager, rolled it on my hips every second night... and on top of everything , I did one hour of walk 5 times a week ... the result a 4.5 inches lost !!! and they start to measur from under the arms down to the kness.... let alone that the procedures in which the measure is so, so, so controlable no need to tell you how much easy it is to squeese fat when come times to find some inches lost...

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No result that worth that kind of money. If you are serious about this, and realy wants some results... GO for a lyposuction !

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Perhaps the Zerona providers should take money on the procedure the way other "medical" providers do. You pay as you go, not give me 2,000.00 up front and let's try this. That way people that it does not work on can get out with minimal loss. Sorry, i think it is the most current "get thin quick" thing like some of the drugs that are being targeted toward the belly fat that a lot of us baby boomers are experiencing. I do not like the way the advertising is done. I was a fool, not happening again
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I haven't aqctually had Zerona myself, so I can't talk from personal experience. However, I do agree that with or without a procedure like Zerona, we all need to eat better, drink more water and exercise more. If after all of that you still want/need some kind of procedure then do your research and look at everything available. Not everything will work for all of the people all of the time.

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They basically just let me walk out the door. No re-measuring, no weight check at the end. Frankly the money could have been spent better elsewhere and as I said, exercise, diet and lots of water would have worked better, saved me money and made me feel less like a fool. One thing I did learn, don't look for the magic bullet for weight loss, it does not exist. Quit being lazy about it and take some responsibility for how fat you are. Put your big girl pants on and take care of yourself, no one else can do it for you. Zerona is just an expensive waste of time.
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Hey laida, Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I'm sorry you didn't have the results you were hoping for. Did you get a chance to have a follow-up with your doctor to discuss your results and expectations?

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Yes, I totally agree, it is the easiest fastest way to loose $2,000.00 in a very short time. Go the cheap way, drink water, diet and excercise and you will loose the weight and have a fat wallet. Total waste of money.
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