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34 Years Old, 3 Kids, Twin Pregnancy, Tummy Muscle Separation - Dandenong, AU

After my twin pregnancy 3 years ago I had quite...

After my twin pregnancy 3 years ago I had quite bad tummy muscle separation (9 finger gap post delivery) & a lot of excess skin from being so stretched. My twins were born at full term & weighed 3kg each & when I got pregnant was only 56kgs so I stretched A LOT & FAST.
I have always been a fit & active person who takes pride in looking after myself but no matter how much I worked on trying to improve the muscle separation & the excess skin I just couldn't budge it (the excess skin).
I made a point of loosing 16kg before the surgery so that I was in peak health & fitness before the procedure. I think its important to get as close to your optimum weight before doing this procedure for best results.
I am only 2 weeks post op & am still swollen & bruised but today I feel the best since the operation.
My only cons is that I am constantly worried about how it is healing, my tummy button isn't looking all that great (possibly infected) but I am sure once I have hit the 1 month mark it should start looking better. This whole thing is new to me & I never in a million years thought I would do plastic surgery.

3 days post op

2 weeks post op

5 Days Post Op

Day of surgery

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I have found Stephen Salerno to be extremely professional. At my first consultation with him, he was easy to talk to & to date the email follow up has been great & my emails have been responded to quickly. So far, I have no complaints about my procedure or the dealings with Stephen & the staff.

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It gets better daily and them slows down after about 10 weeks but the swelling will continue to go down till 6 month mark or more. Rest and keep your feet up. You can start walking pretty soon at a slow pace. Don't rush into the the exercise. Let your body do its thing. You're looking fab!
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When do you start getting feeling down the middle of your tummy? I can't feel anything :) thanks for the reply. :)
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The tummy stays numb for quite awhile. U get the sensation back slowly. I'm at 14 weeks and it's numb about the size of my palm and thumb. FYI: Type what you're looking for into the search. You can also put your settings on to be notified of new tt's. Sometimes I find peeps through comments on other peeps then just check out their profile.
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Btw, this was always a dream for me! I can't believe I did it either, we're so lucky!
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By the way, I find the binder to be so annoying.
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Oh I quite like wearing it it's much more comfortable wearing it than without at the moment. Although I have ordered another two off eBay different styles to try & find one even more comfortable. Apparently I'm Suppose to wearing it for 6 weeks. What have you been told? I'm new to this site how did you find my review? I've got no idea how to find a news feed as such on other people going through the same thing......
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You look great! I'm also two weeks today, still swollen. I has my two kids 13 yrs Sparta, both c sections and no matter if I ran, did crossfit n followed paleo, that pouch would not disappear! Even though now I have a new scar I miss my csections scars! I actually think the TT with lipo, was more grueling n painful than my caesareans. Good luck with your recovery!
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Thanks for the reply. I hope you are recovering well. I'm now feeling heaps better but my belly button is infected. Do you know how much fat/skin they removed from you? I had 820g removed. I thought there would be more. How are you feeling now? Good luck with the recovery :)
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