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I bought2 treatments through Groupon for $99. I...

I bought2 treatments through Groupon for $99. I got there and received 2 pages of warnings. Possible Pulmonary embolismism sounded scary.... But mostly I backed out after realizing I eat all organic, grass fed meats no dairy and now I'm going to have a few chemical detergents injected in my legs? Apparently you can remain black and blu for a few weeks as well. Also, all Spin classes would stop for two weeks? No thank you - I'll live with my little veins.

Dr. Margules

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I got the groupon and was able to buy two coupons. I did my first and planning to do all 4. I misses a week in the gym, but went back today.

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I wonder if we got the same Groupon? I bought two treatments. They ended up telling me to break it up by doing one leg first and then the other. I did my first leg and waited a month to do the other. I wasn't going to do the other unless I got results. There was definitely an improvement from one treatment. The biggest spider vein only half broke up, but I definitely notice an improvement. I go back today to get the other leg done in a few hours. Not looking forward to the needles, but it really isn't that bad. The surgical stocking afterwards for 5 days is more annoying that anything else. I had bruising, but it wasn't very painful just looked bad. Hoping this treatment gets rid of a lot more on the other leg and that maybe that can get that bad one from last time on the first leg. Going to ask. Wish me luck!

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So glad to see your comment re: groupon and spider veins because I was just considering the same offer. I think I will pass. Like you I lead as close to a clean, organic life style as you so thank you for helping make my decision.
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Too funny, I am in a very similar boat as you. I was just staring at my legs in the mirror last night trying to decide if its worth it or not. I have an appointment set for a consult...but am still somewhat unsure.

Did the clinic you bought at give you a refund or credit for other services, or did you just decide to forgo the $99?

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