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9/2/2010 I have always been a 36 C (badly sagging...

9/2/2010 I have always been a 36 C (badly sagging but a C none the less) I had a breast lift (lollipop)with 300cc memory gel implants,(for volume) about the last WEEK I have noticed that my right breast IMPLANT is 3/4 inch lower than my left, I have massaged BOTH girls (lol)religously,they do not hurt and are not hard, hot or red . AND I eat, sleep and breath in FULL SUPPORT Bra's (bought ESPECIALLY for my girls to keep them high and tight(PER Dr's orders)

I just got off the phone from my (double boarsd certified)after hour P.S Nurse, yes a MALE told me NOT to worry there may be some assimetry,

O GREAT i spent 92% of my savings on this. ( this is the first thing I've EVER really done for ME as i've been raising kids for 20+years) and he not to worry about it for now just call the office in the morning. I'm not sure what's gonna happen lord knows I don't have the money to pay for corrective surgery if needed and it's costs. I'm VERY worried

all breasts implants or not arent gonna be perfect...think of em as sisters not twins...ihope they turn out how you want but they do look nice!
I had a similar situation with a lift and smallish implants in 1998. It never resolved, my right breast was always noticeably higher. I could have been because my right breast was smaller to start out with, so it required a slightly larger implant size. I cant say for sure this is why this happened.

I lived with the situation for 6 years until I could afford to go back to my original phys. (in Costa Rica) to get it corrected. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong way to "fix" it, and now my right breast fold is ruined and the implant lies lower on my chest and closer to my armpit at the bottom than my left one does. He simply gave me a different problem.

I noticed something was wrong right after the fix surgery, and got 2nd opinions when I got back. I found out that the FIX I got was the fastest and cheapest thing to do, but was totally medically wrong.

The "fix" my lousy doctor did was to cut the muscle underneath the breast that was too high. Do not let anyone do this to you!! It will deform you!! Only a BAD doctor will resort to such a schlocky technique.

The correct way to fix your problem is to go back in and make the pocket a little larger on the "high" breast so the implant will have more room to settle in and down. Do not let anyone take any shortcuts to correct this! I hope your doctor will work with you. I got maimed, and even had to PAY again for the "corrective" surgery.

I think you need to give it a little more time. The breasts can drop at different rates, so please don't get too upset just yet. It is true that there is no perfection and your breasts might look a little different from each other. If it helps, I think you look really good.

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