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I had this procedure done to my lower face....

I had this procedure done to my lower face. Immediately after I had it done, I looked great. This must have been due to swelling. After a few weeks, I looked the same. It never improved. I had both the shallow and deep transducers used, and injections of lidocaine to numb my face. When the machine hit areas where the lidocaine wasn't reaching, the pain was beyond indescribable.

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I chose this provider because they were the closest ones around who offered this treatment.

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Tawny, your experience sounds very much like mine. I thought I looked way more refreshed immediately afterwards but, three days later, I looked the same and it has stayed that way. I had one of the top Ulthera docs as well. I am almost three months past the procedure. The doc said he wouldn't expect to see anything more happen. Very disappointing since I agonized over this for ages before parting with my $.
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Who did your Ultherapy? I live in the Dallas area. Since you didn't have great results, I think it would be helpful to know who NOT to go to.
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Oh my, I'm sorry about the pain. That sounds agonizing. How long ago did you have it done?

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