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I had this done as part of research so it was free...

I had this done as part of research so it was free. It has been 4 months and I still look great! I had noticable lifting the first week and gradually over the next 3 months. I am 53, fair skin and had horrible sagging, turkey neck. I thought I would have to have a lower face lift - which I was dreading since I scar easily and with my fair skin - scars are very noticable.

This was wonderful. Yes there is pain DURING the procedure but once the procedure is over - I was pain free. Slight redness for about 15 mins. Once this wears off - I was told it was good for about a year - I plan to have it done again. Would be great if it was free again but I doubt that is possible, but will gladly pay for these results without the surgery. Two thumbs up!

Hi Emma, I was a new post and wanted to look back at older post, I am glad I saw your comments on how it validates that my $3100 was a waste.

I too was thrilled right after I had procedure however, coming 6 months after treatment I already feel I need another pick me up.

I think it is the physicians that overcharge because prices vary so much if you look what everyone has spent. From free,to $350, $1200, $1500, up to $5000.

Now if it lasted 3-5 years then yes it would be a great deal however, to pay over $2000 and have to redo it in 6-8 months, that's a disappointment.

Not that I know of. Seems like the only options or "gold standards" as the PS's say is...a facelift.
does anyone know of anything else (not the lunch time face lift) that lifts/tightens turkey neck and saggy jowls?
if there is something out there that actually works..and lasts for more than 6 months..i want to try it.
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