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No way is recovery time one week. I am on day 6 PO...

No way is recovery time one week. I am on day 6 PO and I'm still in pain, however, I had a breast lift with augmentation as well. The first 48 hours you will be hunched over at a 90 degree angle and boy does this do a number on your back!! I think my back pain is more severe than my actual procedure! I'm still hunched over and walk every three hours. I am a group fitness instructor so I am in pretty good shape and i get out of breath just taking a walk around the house! So you definately must have plenty of time to recover before going back to work..

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could u put the number of this office you went to and Dr. NAME
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*breast aug.
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I am interested in getting both the tummy tuck and beast aug at the same time where did you go with such a good price?
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You are correct!  One week does not even scratch the surface of this healing process.  This is a long recovery and can't be rushed.  I recommend a minimum of two weeks off work and three if you can swing it.

Hang in there and it will get better.

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