36 Year Old Diabetic - Full TT with Muscle Repair and Lipo of Flanks - Dallas, TX

After losing 60+ pounds (90lbs if you count my...

After losing 60+ pounds (90lbs if you count my highest pregnancy weight) I am finally getting my TT!
It sounds so vain, but I know the people here can understand. It is frustrating to be relatively thin and have a huge piece of sagging, stretch marked slab of skin hanging from your stomach.

I am 36, divorced, have a 10 year old son and also have type 2 diabetes. I live in Dallas, my family is 4.5 hours away so I won't have a lot of help afterwards. Surgery is tomorrow, Oct. 5 at 830am. I'll be staying overnight and will have my Mom to help out through Sunday.

I am concerned about the surgery and the recovery as a diabetic. Are there any other diabetics out there that have been through this and have any tips? I'd love to hear your stories!

Hi, I am also a type 2 diabetic. I had a full TT and muscle repair in June. As long as your diabetes is well controlled you should had no problems. The only set back I had was my BB was a little slow to heal. All the best and happy healing.
I am thinking of you! Your surgery is done now and you are sleeping away :) Good for you -- you will be so happy!
Sending you happy healing thoughts today for a speedy recovery!
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