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Thought Juvederm Would Do the Job - Dallas, TX

Had juvederm injection under my eyes 6 days ago......

had juvederm injection under my eyes 6 days ago.... I HAVE HANGING BAGS UNDER MY EYES !!!!.... IDK WHAT TO DO !!!! i have been putting ice packs.... nothing.... will it go away ??.... i look 30 years older.... got me in a very deep depression seeing the results i dont want to even look in the mirror
.... any advise or comments please....


I agree, I had juviderm injected under my eyes A YEAR AGO and I still have bags. I even had lower eye bleph done in August to try and fix. THE PUFFY BAGS ARE STILL THERE. I don't recognize myself in the mirror anymore and I think it is permanant. DON'T DO IT!!
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Union 2017. How many times did you get the dissolver ?
This hapoened to me as well . I have been dealing with this since sept . . Right after the injections I swelled up bags everything . Went back to dr and she injected the dissolving solution . This worked for about a week . Had to go back again injected more dissolving solution . This works for about a week after swelling goes down . Probably been injected with dissolving solution 4 times . It isn't working . Ice won't help. You need to go back to the dr . If a spa did it don't bother going back to that person please go to a plastic surgeon . I am looking for one at the moment . This is so horrible . Please contact me if you wish to discuss further .
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horrible experience, friend told me she was great

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