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I finally made my appt with a very experienced...

I finally made my appt with a very experienced plastic surgeon in my area. I went for the consultation yesterday and told him I want to look less tired. I went in thinking I probably want restylane under my eyes and in the marrionette lines. The doctor pretty much agreed (without me mentioning where I wanted it) but he said that he doesn't do injections in the tear trough area - he does it in the upper cheek area and it will fill in that area below the tear trough without causing the possible problems that can occur (ie, tindall affect, etc). Is this what other docs say? I have no idea. I walked in pretty worried still (but very obviously wanting to do this) and left convinced that I will do it. I had taken ibuprofen throughout the week so I held off on injections yesterday and made my follow up appointment for two weeks from now. I bought the arnica and bromeleine (sp?) to prepare and hopefully minimize bruising or swelling. I'm excited though! I can't wait to get it done... Can anyone here tell me if they have had the injections of restylane (or other filler) to the upper cheek area to help improve the under eye area? Thanks!

Well - I just did it a little while ago.... I wound up having my doctor inject Perlane into my upper cheeks (1 syringe each side) and a little botox into my 11 lines. I can definitely see a difference already. I have been icing alot so my cheeks are red but it's from the ice. I think I can see a bruise forming on my left side (is it too soon to see that?) - I did take my bromelein as of two days ago through now and started the arnica montana immediately after. I think it's going to be really good results.... So far, so good.... I have my own pix but I think the lighting makes them almost too good. If I can figure it out - I'll enter them....

Here is a review of someone who has had Restylane in the same area you are considering. You might want to reach out to them. Perhaps they could answer some of your questions. :)

“Restylane in Tear Trough and Cheek Area - Awesome!”

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