PLEASE HELP ME!!! 27 Years Old, 1 Daughter, WIlling to Travel for a Much Needed Brazilian Butt Lift - Dallas, TX

I am 5 foot 2 inches, 165lbs and with measurements...

I am 5 foot 2 inches, 165lbs and with measurements of 38-40-44, I would like lipo and a BBL I just dont know who or where to start, Please HELP Dr's and patients. My BMI is over 30% however I feel like I will need to loose a few pounds before the surgery. I would love my waist to go down dramatically and my but to increase to about 52 inches or more, I know since I'm so short that may look awkward so a reasonable big booty....
I'm 5'2" 163! With dimensions very close to yours! And I was told by my dr that that's perfect. That's I'll have a great result with a small waist and big booty! Check out dr. Cortes in Houston his work is AMAZING and very consistent!!! Go look at his before and afters and what he can do with bigger girls like ourselves!
If you get down do bmi 25% it would be best for your overall health. Losing a lot after can look uneven and bumpy and then most girls go for round two. You have great potential being think and short I'm excited for you!! Even if they just lipoed your stomach your still look amazing and then add more booty? Can you say video vixen?
Thank u
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