Multi Color Tattoo Removal - Dallas, TX

I have considered laser tattoo removal for a while...

I have considered laser tattoo removal for a while. My hesitation was not the cost or the pain, it was that even though I don't want that tattoo or any tattoo, the quality of it was pretty good, so it at least had that going for it. I did not want to have a blurry half removed tattoo with persistent color remaining. I read a lot about it and heard that some newer lasers can remove pretty much all colors. So when I found a 3 treatments for $50 special online, I decided to go for it. Even assuming it would be a laser that only removed certain colors, I thought it would be a good start for an extremely cheap price.

It hurt A LOT. It is a lot more painful than laser hair removal. I think there has been significant fading of the black outlining. The colors may have faded but its hard to tell.


So glad you decided to share your journey with us! What a great deal for your first 3 treatments. What kind of laser are you being treated with? Are you using anything for the pain during treatment, such as ice or numbing cream? The good thing is your tattoo is small so the treatment is probably over pretty quick. 
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aloha Emma99, you've got some wonderful fading. And you have an excellent price for the treatment. As for the fading and the blurring, yup that could be part of the process. Colours fade differently, areas fade at different rates, it's all a crap shoot with this process. I wish it wasn't, probably everyone here wishes it wasn't. And yes, it hurts! It hurts everything: ourselves, our time, our morale, our pocketbooks. But it's worth it in the end. Good luck with the fading, it's going well so far. Keep us posted, we're all here, all going through it with you. aloha...k
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