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I have had this condition since I was in the 7th...

I have had this condition since I was in the 7th grade, and can remember to the day where I realized this wasn't normal. I sweat much worse when it's cold in a room, which from what I have read is pretty standard. Started with drysol in high-school, but that only lasted a year or so. Two-shirt minimum was the norm, a fleece was a typical winter attire inside any building to hide the sweat. My last year in college I heard about botox, and started treatments. Results were normally about 6-months, and those 6-months were amazing. But one it started to wear off it was back to normal sweating in about a week. It was expensive and insurance covered it in some cases, but it doesn't seem like that's the case anymore. I was prescribed Robinul (Glycopyrrolate) about a year ago, which worked pretty well, but I could definitely tell my body was acclimating to it. I wear a suit every day for work, and have ruined plenty due to sweating through them in a room that has a temperature of 68. Not ideal, so it seemed like MiraDry was the only option left. I did a lot of research, had a consultation with Dr. Maris, and decided to move forward.

It has been one week since I got the procedure. I'm a pretty big guy, and apparently I have a very large area under my arms for sweating. I needed a lot of lypocane, but even the amount they gave me didn't numb everything. Luckily, this office is allowed to give more than 50 units, and I would say I received maybe 60-70, but probably could have taken 80. It was pretty tough to handle in some cases, but it was worth it. I just kept thinking about the years of sweat free living I would have. The nurse did a great job as well talking me through the pain. I'm not going to lie, I had about maybe 5 times it was very painful, and about one time it was unbearable and she had to stop on that one. However, this is just because how big I am, and how big the area was. Probably not typical for most people.

After the procedure, I was pretty swollen. I started with a level 4 rating, and I am still pretty tender one week after. The swelling has pretty much gone away, some numbness, but definitely tender in spots. Judging by what is growing back, I will have pretty spotty hair growth (something I could care less about). Started back in the gym about 4 days after, and this probably contributes to the tenderness a bit.

I can tell that there are places (especially in the crest of my underarm closest to my chest) that didn't as good of treatment. They are a little "damp" but nothing that shows through on a shirt.

So all-in-all I am happy with my first go around thus far. I will definitely do a second treatment, although I am not really looking forward to it. However, beauty is pain and feeling comfortable in your own skin is priceless.

Based on my research and experience thus far, I would recommend the following:
- Start with at least level 4
- If you know you sweat a bit more in specific places, identify that to the nurse
- Do the procedure towards the afternoon, so you can ice all night, work from home and ice all that next day and night.
- Get two ice pack sleeves that have a wrap and velcro on them. Pack them with either ice packs or double sealed ziploc bags. Put them under your arms and secure them to each other with the wrap and velcro along the nape of your neck (think of an under-arm gun holster).

I will update at the 2-week, one-month, and two-month mark. Good luck to all. I

2-Week Review, Results Are As Expected

2-Weeks in and so far so good. I am still a bit tender in places, but would say I am 95% recovered. Very small "lumps" under my arms in different places. Just feels like little cysts in a few places, so I will definitely take it.

I would say that my sweat percentage has gone down 75%. I am still a little damp from time to time, but don't have any issues with that at all. Normally happens when I am in a very cold room, and don't have a jacket on and my body over-compensates to warm itself up.

I've been out on some very warm weekend nights over the past two weeks, standing around which is when I would normally get pretty big sweat rings under my arms due to the fact my arms are down by side and my shirt is up against my underarms. Happy to say that I didn't get any sweat rings, and could feel that I was only mildly damp. Keep in mind these are Texas Summer nights so the fact that everyone else was sweating pretty hard says a lot.

I had read about "phantom sweating" and I used to get the same thing when I had botox. Your mind thinks just because your under-arms are warm that they are sweaty, but each time I would check there wasn't anything there or was maybe slightly damp (not noticeable though).

Happy so far with the results, and fingers crossed I didn't have too many sweat glands that were merely stunned and not burned away.

I will up date at the one-month mark, and good luck to everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.
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The nurse who did the procedure was very kind and professional. She was very aware to keep watch over me when she the machine was working due to the fact that I needed a lot of lypcane, and they didn't want to give me too much. I haven't gotten a call back checking-in yet, but I am assuming this may happen at the two-week mark.

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