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I Loved my Juvederm Experience - Dallas, Texas

I had some bad lines in the creases of on the side...

I had some bad lines in the creases of on the side of my mouth. I was SO nervous about doing this -- worried it would look weird or fake. I went to a plastic surgeon's office and it was a little painful, but I only got one tiny bruise that i could cover with make-up and it went away quickly. It is now about a year later and I am still stunned at the difference -- those lines are gone but the effect is so subtle. It is perfect. I will definitely do it again when it wears off!

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Who did your Juvederm?
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So happy to hear about your great results, and that is great it lasted a year so far.

When you go back to you plan to have any other areas treated, or just the area around your mouth again?

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That area is really the only one I have those kind of deep lines in. I do have some minor lines above my lips that I would love to get help with, but I am not sure Juverderm works on this. I am 7 months pregnant so will have to check back in with them after I have my baby boy :)
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Oh congratulations on your pregnancy - how exciting!! I'm glad to hear you are holding off till afterwards. Sending wishes for a great delivery!

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I just wanted to update that it is February 2013 and I am just now at the point where I am like "hmmmm.....I may need a little touch up." But, at the same time, I could definitely go longer ... I still think this was a very successful procedure and I will continue to have it done.
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