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Height 5' 7 Weight 150lbs I have considered lipo...

Height 5' 7 Weight 150lbs
I have considered lipo ever since I had my last child in February 2008. I was the smallest I had ever been when I got pregnant weighing only 138. I was so happy with myself. I have always struggles with weight coming from a large family that did not encourage good eating habits nor did they encourage much physical activity. I am now have a 4 year old and a 18month old and my body does not match my personality. I am ready to have fun with my kids and not be self conscious about sitting at a soccer game and having a belly roll! I want to fit into all the cute clothes I bought right before my pregnancy without having to be an acrobat to be able to make them button (lol!). I will be doing 3 different procedure to ensure maximum results, healing and fat to be removed ;)
First procedure is October 26th! Woo Hoo! Here is a link to my doctors website

I will be having laser assisted tumescent liposuction. I have a few questions for any of you that have had this procedure:

Did the needle hurt (I am most nervous about this :/)?

How much weight did you loose?

Did you try to crash diet or loose weight prior to surgery?

I should have proof ready my first post prior to...

I should have proof ready my first post prior to submitting it :/ I have attached before pictures now. This surgery can not come soon enough. I am still nervous about the pain when the tumescent fluid is injected.. hopefully someone will have some insight!

2 Weeks!!

2 Weeks!!

So yesterday was Surgery (part 1) day! I was so...

So yesterday was Surgery (part 1) day! I was so anxious. Dr. Long's girls are the best. I was taken to a preop waiting room (very relaxing and where your husband or help can wait with you) to finish up paper work and submit and urine sample. Shortly after, Dr Long came in to discuss the procedure and any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure and after care. We walked across the hall and I was given a rob and the little black undies. Dr long drew on my body and discussed where the fat would be taken from. I was weighed then walked back to the preop waiting room. I was then given Ativan to help me relax and was able to rest (watch Netflix) for an hour with my husband to allow the meds to kick in.
The nurse then took me back. I was given an iv in case of emergency then two tiny injections on each hip. After than Dr Long began injecting the tumescent fluid. This part was uncomfortable at most (coming from a true weenie). I was awake and talking to the girls the whole time. I was then wrapped up tight in my garnets and they even showed my husband how to do it.

I was worried for nothing. The pain was very minimal even after the lidocaine wore off it was totally barable. I am pretty swollen today :( I will have my first follow up Monday and will update again then!

Today was my first follow up! :) they said...

Today was my first follow up! :) they said everything looks great. I just met with the girls not Doctor Long which shocked me but didn't bother me. They know their stuff and are so friendly. The said the little lumps under my skin (which aren't noticeable by looking) are normal and soon my whole tummy will be hard :)))
I bought some Retin-A from the doctor which encourages the growth of new skin cells and will help reduce the appearance of any stretch marks I have. I am most excited about this! My stretch marks aren't bad but I notice them so I can not wait to see how this works! I will try to post pictures tonight :)

I am posting a new picture 4 days post op. I feel...

I am posting a new picture 4 days post op. I feel HUGE! I don't see a lot of difference but I am posting it for you guys anyways. I really think it is just swelling and really hope to see a better result soon! My next appointment is November 5th. Unless I have a "skinny" day I will not update again until then (:

I had my one week post op Monday & lost 5 1/2...

I had my one week post op Monday & lost 5 1/2 inches around my waist. I do't feel like I look that different though. Hopefully time will tell. I still love the girls at Dr. Long's office. Such sweet people!

Added a new picture. Like what I see from the...

Added a new picture. Like what I see from the front but the side view doesn't look any different to me. Feeling very discouraged :(
Two weeks post op tomorrow.

I am a month out. Unfortunately I do not feel like...

I am a month out. Unfortunately I do not feel like I look any different at all :( really hoping it's just swelling but I'm doubtful. I see doctor long on Dec 3rd to discuss my love handle lipo and set a date. Hopefully he will let me know if it is just swelling. I loved how I looked the day after surgery and I am hoping to see that again. Did anybody else feel this way?? My "holes" look better than expected and are healing nice. I am so glad Dr Long doesn't use stitches!

Friday I had my flanks done. I want to start by...

Friday I had my flanks done. I want to start by saying the reason I used Dr Long was because of his great results and how friendly he was. 

I went in had the area drawn on, took Ativan and waited. When it was time for me to go back I did so just as nervous as the first time. This time I was going to have a few more holes than the first time. During the first procedure Dr Long was really good to let me know what he was doing (ie the biopsy punches). This time I was flipped and rotated a few times not knowing what was part we were at and my anxiety got the best of me. At one point it was EXTREMELY painful and I yelled "ouch!". I felt like doctor Long got frustrated with me as he stopped the surgery to let me "calm down" if it weren't for his nurses compassion I don't know what I would have done. Dr Long is a good doctor I just feel like this last surgery I wasn't the best patient. Kinda embarrassed to go back. Oh well.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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$1 for your surgery?
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Any updates?
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I also had my surgery with Dr. Long. I totally agree with the fact that the girls are soooooo nice and helpful. Just like you, I don't see much of any difference between my before and after. I think after the procedure, and using a lot of Retin-A cream, I remain the same........
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Aww I sure do hope that things work out better this time. I needed to go back in for a small revision and I just cannot do it. It took me forever to get that swelling down. Make sure when you go back in you share with him how you feel because it is very important. I have a low threshold for pain and he was frustrated with me and I was frustrated with him. The feeling were mutual (if he really was frustrated), but I know we both wanted the same thing great results. Sometimes doctor forget that we are all different and just because they luck out and have patients who suture their own incisions without drugs, does not mean you have to treat us lower pain tolerance with disregard and disgust. Stay positive and be healthy in mind body and spirit.
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It took me honestly 6 months to see the real results. I did not use the retinol like I should have to help with the stretch marks. Now I cant because I am doing laser hair removal and for some odd reason they said I cannot use it.
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How are you feeling?
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I am still sore and pretty swollen not sure why that is lasting so much longer this time? I had my first post opp appt New Years Eve with the nurse (Dr. Long was not there) Hopefully he will be next time to help address the swelling.
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You should never be embarrassed, it is YOUR body and YOU are paying HIM. If you're uncomfortable, or are in pain, you need to let them know. Why would someone be frustrated because you are feeling things normal humans feel when under stress, anxiety and pain? I'm sure he is a wonderful doctor, but that does not mean its ok for him to behave this way. Happy healing and happy holidays! :)
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Thanks Bankudas glad I'm not crazy. I know I can be a baby under stress! I'll post new pictures soon!
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As I'm sure you know...with does take a while to see the real results. From what I can see in the look fabulous! Love your tat also. What does it say? Good luck with everything!
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Thank you I just expected to see more sooner. It is the serenity prayer in Spanish (:
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I hope everything went well :)
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It did! I just posted an update yesterday pics soon!
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Please keep us updated, as I am also interested in Dr. Long... Ive heard hes amazing!
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The experience was amazing and he gives out enough information and then some. As for results I can't speak to that yet but his before and after pictures are amazing so I am hoping for the same with me!
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I am sure you are going to look beautiful! :)You are right, his before and afters online were very impressive. Was he able to show you more pictures than were provided on his site? How is pain now? Did he prescribe any pain killers? Cant wait for your pics! xoxo
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Yes, he has books upon books of pictures in his office and can even show you results on people with dark or light skin, stretch marks or loose skin, just about any scenario! Pain after the lidocaine wore off was a little bit tough at first because I hadn't taken any of the pain killers. He prescribed hydracodine and the seen to do the trick. Just a little sore now. I do not have near the brusing that all the other women on here have.. My skin still looks nice. He told me he will be giving me some cream to help promote new tighter skin growth on one of my follow up visits!
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Oh good, I'm glad to hear that! I was concerned about pain because I had plastic surgery in jan and they prescribed I think acetomenaphine, and that did NOTHING. I was miserable. Hydrocodone is a strong reliever, so I'm releived to hear he prescribed at least that. I see on his site that he has a fall special at $1975, I hope it's true. By the way, thanks for all your feedback, your input makes me feel more and more confident that I want to do this!
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You are so welcome and the fall special is true!! Web more amazing it includes ALL your follow up appointments and your garmets (two) :) he has been a great doctor so far. I can not wait to hear his feed back at my follow up tomorrow. PS I can NOT believe after plastic surgery they gave you Tylenol!!!
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Even** not web sorry!
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OMG, you look like you are going to ROCK those abs!!! I can already tell the difference even w the girdle on! Yeah, I had a labiaplasty (can you say ouch) and thats all my Dr. prescribed. I wanted to ask him how he would react if I cut half of his jewels off and give him tylenol. lol, but I didn't. A few days post op he prescribed stonger meds, THANK GOODNESS. Looking forward to more pics and hearing from your follow up!
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Wow I'm glad he gave you more! & thank you I sure hope so!
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Im glad everything went well and I believe the lumps will go away w time. How Ironic that he prescribed tretinoin for your stretch marks. I use that for my skin, for acne, scars and sun damage. It actually works, but patience is a virtue. Ive been using it for over a year. I got mine as a rx, (but it was too expensive) so I did A LOT of research, and I found reliable site that sells it for like < $3 a tube. I showed it to my doc, and he gave it the thumbs up. It's from You may want to check it out if you want to continue using.
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Awesome! Thank you! Yes it was $40 for a very small tube. I thought it was going to be included but if it works like they say I don't mind paying a little more for it!
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Hey Blessed2BStressed,

I don't have kids, but I'm about the same height and weight as you! Well I was before the surgery. No idea how much I weigh right now.

To answer your questions that you posted:

The IV needle felt like any needle to draw blood, so a pinch, but nothing more

The actual liposuction was fine, uncomfortable at its worse, but again I was pretty sedated

No idea how much weight I lost. Based on ccs of fat removed, 7lbs lighter is what I'll expect to be after the surgery.

I didn't want to crash diet or try to lose weight before the surgery. Crash diet I felt would be a bad idea because I wanted my body to be at its best. I did eat a lot of fruits, veggies and lean protein. Made sure I got in my fibre and I've been exercising. I always did these things, but just did it with more purpose to ensure I was as healthy as could be!

Your before pictures btw look great already considering you have your two kids so you'll look fantastic after! I can relate however to the acrobatics in getting on certain clothes!
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