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Very Disappointed - Dallas, TX

I went with all the intentions of receiving the...

I went with all the intentions of receiving the results that everyone seems to be getting. I got liposonix on 4/19/12. As of today (6/3/12) I have not seen any results. This is now about 6 or 7 weeks after the procedure and I continue to have the same love handles and bulge I had from the beginning. Grant it, I am a small female, I wear size 2 but ever since I had my child, no matter what I do I have not been able to get rid of the love handles and small bulge in my abdomen. I really don't need to lose weight because then I will end up looking way too thin. I want to remain a size 2 I just needed some help with the abdomen area. I feel so bummed that this whole process was a waste of time and money. It was very painful and I am not sure if I could ever go through that again. If you decided you want liposonix, make sure you ask how many of their patients did not see results and if you don't get any results from the procedure, what kind of guaranteed do they offer. I unfortunately learned this the hard way and I'm pretty sure I will not receive a dime back from my procedure. This is so sad because I NEVER do these kinds of things but I was tired of the tire around my mid section that I felt it would be money well spent. I regret the whole thing and I only wish I had a review like this to have me ask more than what I was lead to believe.


It has now been more than 3 months since your surgery... have you noticed any improvement? I understand your initial frustration... $2800 is a LOT to spend for minimal improvement. I'm hoping the price of Liposonix decreases a bit. Many of the articles I've read say to expect only a 20% improvement, but if paying a pricetag in the $thousands, we should get more improvement than 20%. If the procedure can truly yield only that small improvement, then it's priced too high.
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That is so funny I receive your comment because on 7/28 I went in for measurements and not to my surprise the results were very disappointing. The areas I treated were the love handles and my stomach area; starting with the area right below my ribs all the way down to the pelvis. When we compared before and afters, I only lost 1/2 inch around my mid section. You actually saw improvement in my upper abdomen but hardly anything from the mid section and below. And I knew this because my clothes still fit the same. This muffin top is really what I wanted gone and yet it still remains. The aestheticism said that most patients lose an inch or more and my loss came in below average. (Grant it, I exercise and eat well.) I wanted to cry when I got my results. I could not believe that I selfishly spent that amount of money on myself when I could have paid off a bill with it. The upside to all of this is that after I left, they called me back and said they were willing to treat only my mid section once more for free. I don't have high hopes for this treatment but I am definitely going to do it again. The money was too much for the pathetic results I got. I understand these machines may be expensive and the cost of this high tech machine is transferred to the customer but lets be serious here. If I paid $2,800 and I know I wasn't the first patient to have this procedure done in their office because I saw other befores and afters from prior patients, is it really all that necessary for these doctors to charge such an enormous amount for something they can't even guarantee. For a machine that is simply place on the area and turned on. This is all that is required. It all comes comes back the old saying: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn't. This was my sucker punch.
ARMENDAL can you update us on your results? Did you go back for the free treatment? 1/2 inch is good, but I agree, a full inch would always be better. Do you know what energy level you were treated at? I spoke with a doc out in Miami, and she said that most docs are now going towards a 60 energy with 3 passes. This seems to work a bit more consistently. Also, in my consultation I asked the same thing about the price. Seemed high for just a machine, but apparently the machine isn't the only cost, the handle that touches your skin also has to be replaced after ever few patients.
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I do not have any negative reviews on the facility itself. This is just a review on the Liposonix alone.

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