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Soooo every winter I gain and every summer i loose...

Soooo every winter I gain and every summer i loose ..... My upperbody I can handle that .... Its my legs ..... They just dont shrink no matter how much I do....... Im looking into liposculpture or cellulaze .........have been for the past 2-3yrs ...... Just feel like the timing is right ..... But after reading reviews here seems like I can go elsewhere and get the whole shabang for the same price ..... Any thoughts or suggestions?
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stay in the US..if anything goes wrong the last place you want to be is in a foreign country...call elite liposculpture in beverly hills, ca. the old saying "you get what you pay for" is true. don't ever discount shop for surgery..
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Hello, you are right. Here in Dominican Republic a large amount of people come for medical tourism, specially in plastic surgery, as prices here aren't so high as in other parts in the world, just make sure you go to a certified plastic surgeon, to guarantee a correctly performed procedure under well established safety protocols
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Hi sweetie. Well I guess you have the similar situation to mine. If you look at my pics I Don't have a lot of fat just stubborn thigh fat so I've decided to go for liposculpture and the fat taken out I'll get it transferred to my backside. Though my waist isn't too bad for a good price I can get my thighs full back and waist and flanks lipo'd and then fat transfer to my rear for £2000 that's just over $3000 so why not. I'll be getting it done in the DR by doctor Yily the sculpting godess
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