Could Have Gotten a Real One for Only a Little More - Dallas, TX

Did not do what I was told would happen. Wanted to...

Did not do what I was told would happen. Wanted to look better. To look younger and remove jowls and turkey neck. Did not do either to my satisfaction. I am about $7000 dollars lighter in the wallet. If all of these people are so satisfied, I would like one of those doctors. Had it in dallas across from the galleria.

Do you have any before pictures to compare?
Do you have the before pictures?
Will let me tell you the Doctors in San Antoino are no better than Dallas i am sorry that people like us get taken for so much money and they will not do a thing to help us at all unless we werte to give alot more money and still end up just as bad if not worse off i do hope that lifestyle lift can be made to pay the ones that thay bucher up
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2stars. There was slight inprovement it was bad enough to have the results I got. I am not showing a picture.

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