Could Have Gotten a Real One for Only a Little More - Dallas, TX

Did not do what I was told would happen. Wanted to...

Did not do what I was told would happen. Wanted to look better. To look younger and remove jowls and turkey neck. Did not do either to my satisfaction. I am about $7000 dollars lighter in the wallet. If all of these people are so satisfied, I would like one of those doctors. Had it in dallas across from the galleria.

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2stars. There was slight inprovement it was bad enough to have the results I got. I am not showing a picture.

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I would go to Dr. Rai if I were you. He is close to the Galleria and just did my neck lift. It turned out great and I'm so pleased.
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Hi anon6511. I’m Latania from Lifestyle Lift‘s Patient Relations Group. Please contact me at (866) 739-2387 so that we can discuss your individual concerns.
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I am so sorry that you have had to find out the hard way that LSL does not live up to the advertising hype. Many other women here have had the same complaints. I would like for each and every woman who takes the time to read these reviews to take the time to get a 2nd opinion from a independent board certified facial plastic surgeon and then make an informed decision to have this "surgery"! Please do not fall for the infomercials with Debby Boone singing out how "You Light Up my Life" when she should be singing how "You Lightened my Wallet"! Best to all, Chrystal Eckes
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