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So i have serious black heads on my nose n dy said...

so i have serious black heads on my nose n dy said i needed a green peel that a microdermabrasion wouldn't work. i didnt think i was that bad for a peel. hopefully when this is over, i will not have to see those black heads again since i had them all my life. i hope this truly works

How long has it been since you had your peel done? Would love to hear how things are feeling too. :)


So the green peel was awful. the microbead stuff...

so the green peel was awful. the microbead stuff while bein rubbed on the face feels lik sand paper sanding down. OMG very painful I ddnt mind that since the pain was only temporary. The five days of non washing face was horrible. my face was so sensitive n stiff n it felt lik sand paper on my face if i touched it since some microbeads seemed to have stayed on my face. so i have 2 more sessions to go. i feel lik my blackheads on my nose has reduced n hopefuly its true. they took before pictures to compare wit the end result so im hoping its good

Wow, no face washing for 5 days?! That would be tough. Did your face feel oily at all, or was it too dried out from the peel to be oily?

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