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I was approved for a breast reduction but I am con...

I was approved for a breast reduction but I am concerned on how much the insurance says must be removed. Looking at my pictures, what size would I be if 500 grams are remove? I'm not sure of my current size but I am afraid that I will be too small if 500 grams are removed. Does the tissue on the side of the breast count towards the 500?


Welcome to the community.  I have attached a link to some on the doctors Q&A's on this topic.  Read through and I think this will help.  

Breast Reduction of 500 Grams

500g Breast Reduction - What Size Will I Be?

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Is that 500g all up or each breast? I need 350g taken from each breast and I'm smaller than alot of women on this site. He thinks that after taking 400g per side I will be a C-D cup. But it depends on how dense your breasts are, and whether they're made up of fat or breast tissue (mine are breast tissue, I lost 10kg and none of it came from my chest!)
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Each breast.
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