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Hi everyone. I am a week away from getting my...

Hi everyone. I am a week away from getting my breast reduction/breast lift surgery and I am so excited! But I have been going back and forth on what size I should be. Right now I am 4'9 with 38GGG breast. I originally said I wanted to be a 36C. That's what I told my doctor but I think I would rather instead be a 36D. Is it too late to tell my doctor what size I want to be? Please I need help!
Make sure to address all of your concerns with your doctor prior to the surgery or call his or her office.
Whew! Thanks ladies I think I want to be a D. Even though my boobs are killing me I still don't want my confidence shattered.
No big deal. U can tell ur surgeon when he comes in to draw on u right b4 surgery that way he'll be sure to remember. @ 4'9 u should really be going for a C but I'm inly 5"2 & wish I would've picked a D but that's only bc I have a stomach. Once I get my TT these things will be


Thanks Ladies! I most definitely will post pictures! Right before surgery I'll let him know that I would rather be a D because
I'm short but I have a little stomach as well. But I will let him no my concerns. I'll keep you guys posted. One more week!!!!
OMG Ladies!!!! I finally had my surgery! I had my breast reduction/breast lift last Thursday and to tell you the truth, I'm not really in any pain! It's taking the tape off the most painful thing! But I feel great I don't have a load on my chest anymore. My boobs are super flat right now though, in which worries me. My aunt said that as they heal they'll shape and fluff like I want them. Pictures coming soon!!!
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