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I'm NEW to this... my appt, 19 of sept, I will...

I'm NEW to this...
my appt, 19 of sept, I will update after my appt. I so nervous I do know I will have to get fng.
my back been hurting for 4yrs now.Going to my doctor bout 2yrs.
My breast size 46f.
I'm 5'2 my weight 174
Every since 5the grade my boobs been c cup.Im 39 2kids later 46f iTS hard to work my back hurts so bad.


S M R R SS, Thx I'm ready for this journey
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fitgirlnow, after reading ur post its helping me every day thank u:)
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All the best, we look forward to sharing your journey.
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hello rbf I went to the doctor.he told me I need a fng.I'm scared.I will upload pics soon. love u all. thx for ur support .........:)


Where are you having your surgery?
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