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My breast are about a 37c and somewhat sag or at...

My breast are about a 37c and somewhat sag or at least my nipples are low! I have yet to find a doctor I feel is worth putting confidence in.... So I was hoping someone any one could give me some advice!

I am posting my wish pictures first but will post my actual pictures shortly after! Please someone help

Ok so I have been looking days on end for pictures...

Ok so I have been looking days on end for pictures of before and after of just the breast lift with no implants!!! I didn't realize they were slim. I don't want implants just the lift and hopefully a small reduction with!!

Today I am adding a picture of me and more wish...

Today I am adding a picture of me and more wish pictures! I am guessing to get the look I want I will need a breast reduction but idk!?!
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type in honeydrop into search bar...and missindigo they have amazing results...no implants...implants are a huge commitment...im waiting to get mine out with a lift.xx
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Yes .. I know.. I figure if my breast sag on there own I could only imagine what would happen with breast implants! Plus I want smaller boobs!
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I'm sorry to tell you, but you will not get that overly round/fake look by just an uplift. If you want the roundness at the top you will most likely need an implant, as this only exists in such a small amount of women naturally. There are some pictures of women on realself who have just had the uplift, you will have to search quite far back to get a good selection though as a lot of the women have had implants as well. If you go to the 'Doctors' section at the top of the page you will hopefully be able to find some recommended surgeons. Good luck!
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a list of board certified doctors in Dallas who do breast augmentation. You might want to schedule some consultations and meet some of them to get an idea of who you'd like to do your surgery.

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I used Dr. LeBlanc in Ft. Worth. I would highly recommend going to see her for a consult. I had my surgery about 2 months ago ( lift with silicone implants) and I have no complaints. I think she is the best!!! The only drawback is that she is very booked so it took 4 months to get in her surgery schedule. I figured she must be good if she is that busy:)
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can you tell me how much your procedure cost?
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It was $9600 for lift and silicone implants.
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